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What makes for a great party experience?  

There are many options that parents can choose from. And many of these options provide your child with a great play area, like a toy room, a gym or a swimming pool. But very few options provide a guided experience designed to both teach and entertain your child.

In our parties at Golden Naga, we provide a fun filled party, with a guided curriculum bringing kids through lessons and games based on our four animal forms. By teaching the kids some animal kung fu moves from Tiger, Monkey, Snake and Crane, then applying these moves in fun and energetic games, they are engaged, entertained and educated in the beginning basics of kung fu training.

In addition to the fun activities for the kids, parents have several options. They can sit and watch. They can join in the games with the kids. Or, our most popular option, we can teach a brief self defense class just for the parents.

Finally, after over an hour of fun kung fu activities, there is time for food, cake, and presents. And when it comes time for cake, the birthday boy or girl gets to cut the cake with a real sword!

So, in our fabulous parties, we have fun, play games, and learn a little bit of Kung Fu! Fun is had by all!

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Parties, Add-ons and Pricing

Our basic party is two hours long. This includes about an hour and a half of guided activities and games centered in Pukulan Kung Fu for a guest of honor plus eight friends, then an additional half hour for refreshments (pizza, cake, etc.) and present opening (if desired).

Only $159.

In addition, we offer a number of add-on features to our parties:

Additional Guests: Parties can be expanded to up to a total of 15 party goers.

Cost: $10

each addition guest.

Refreshments: We can provide pizza and soda or juice for the party.

Cost: $25

Additional Time: An additional half hour can be added to the party to allow for a more relaxed time for refreshments and present opening (this is usually recommended for parties that want to have pizza, cake and presents).

Cost: $35

Mini Adult Self Defense Class: Our practical self defense is powerful and effective, and even in a short 45 minute class (done while the kids are having fun and playing games), parents can learn some fabulous skills!

Cost: $45

Deluxe Sword Package: All kids get to cut their cake with a sword, but only kids who have the Deluxe Sword Package get to take the sword that they cut the cake with home as a special birthday present!

Cost: $99

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